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Delivering Technology to You

Telecommunications Company Serving the Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Rexburg area.

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Rexburg Audio / Video Services

Twisted Technology Inc. provides a wide range of telecommunication services including Cabling Services, Telephone Systems Services, Surveillance Services for commercial and residential properties in the Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Rexburg area.

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Rexburg Closed Circuit Video Systems/Surveillance

Today's telecommunications video surveillance systems can be customized to fit most any need and most any environment, from big office buildings, to residential houses, to outdoor parking lots and yards. Installing a telecommunications video surveillance system will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep an eye on what happens in your home or office when you are away. If it's installed properly, that is.

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Rexburg Access and Intercom Systems

No one wants their front door to open for just anyone. You have good reason to want to monitor and control who enters your house or office building. This is why more and more home owners and office building managers are turning to access and intercom systems to help them better monitor visitors.

Access systems usually require the user to swipe an access card in order to gain access to the area beyond where the system is installed. There are many other types of access systems, and Twisted Technology Inc. is the best company to help you choose the one that will work best for you based on your unique needs and situation. Access systems also allow you to know who entered the protected area and at what time, so that you can know who was in the office if something were to happen.

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Rexburg Home Theater

Technology today is astounding, especially when it comes to modern day home theater systems. Be it and HDTV, plasma, LCD or even the new and impressive 3D home theater systems, a great system that is properly installed can provide a real theater feel and experience in your own home. We are Rexburg 's number 1 experts at installing home theater systems, with skilled, experienced technicians. By contracting us, you can be certain that you get the best home theater experience possible, we take care of everything. Well, except you have to supply your own popcorn!

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About Us

At Twisted Technology Inc., we believe in customer service, safety, and fair prices. We are the Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Rexburg and surrounding area's number 1 choice telecommunication experts who go the extra mile to make certain that our technicians are experienced, well trained and skilled. Our electricians know exactly what they are doing, therefore they don't need to waste time fumbling around or figuring things out, so that keeps our labor costs down. We pass that savings on to our customers and have been for many years.


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Twisted Technology Inc. is the leading telecommunications contract you will find in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Rexburg, specializing in Cabling Services, Telephone Systems Services, Surveillance Services. Contact us, and your telecommunication needs will be taken care of promptly, safely, and cost effectively. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and constantly update and train our technicians on all the new trends in the ever changing world of technology and communications.